Commission Work

I am currently taking orders from municipalities or individuals who are interested in acommissioned piece of work.  The pieces will be roughly 24" x 30" and will be completed with Prisma colored pencils.  The piece will take roughly 150-200 hours of work.  I will consult with individual through the  process to make sure that the piece represents what they are looking for.  I will start with a small black and white concept art version and once the individuals approve of the concept art it will then be transferred to the original piece.  Payment of the piece will be half up front and the remainder of the balance upon its completion and satisfaction by the individual ordering it.  I will deliver the piece to the individual ordering the creation which will include a digitalized CD of the piece for future reproduction of the piece.  The individual or municipality ordering the piece will have the right to make prints, postcards or t-shirts of the piece.  

Commissioned Art Piece for the 2014 Athen's Story Teller Festival

Commissioned piece for the Madison City School System for
their fifteenth anniversary.  

April 2013

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention 2014


Christmas cards for Guatemala Orphanage Fundraiser

Commissioned Butterfly for Huntsville Botanical Gardens

"Rosie" commissioned piece for Dr. and Mrs. Rogers of Nashville

"Molly "

Personalized Collage for a 50th Birthday Present

I am also currently working on a coloring book project for the Florence Lauderdale County Visitors Center in Florence, Alabama, which will be coming soon!

A Piece Done for a Funeral Home Director

A life collage for a Christmas gift

Commissioned Piece for "Children's Miracle Network"

A piece I did for my son's book he is writing.

Vann Town, Tennessee Commissoned Piece

Commissioned T-Shirt Design 

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