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The Artist

I currently live in Athens, Alabama with my family where I create and sell my artwork in various locations throughout the Southeastern United States.   I am a Christ follower and give God all the glory and praise for my artistic ability and when people compliment my work my favorite line is to sincerely reply,  "God has given me the gift and I am just grateful that I get to enjoy using it and give Him glory for it!"  Without Him there is no art and there is no talents and I am always careful to keep that alignment.

The Artwork

 Let’s for a moment go back in time to the 1950’s and 60’s during the heyday of family summer travel and the iconic painted or hand drawn vintage postcards associated with those travels that people still enthusiastically collect today. When I dreamed up the concept for my pieces I had that iconic theme in mind but I wanted it to be different and have a fun twist that would set it apart. With the advent of digital photography, postcards images today tend to project only one variable of a particular locale and though they are very beautiful they may not fill the niche for people who are looking for a piece to represent the “whole picture”. I wanted to create dimensional pieces that threw every little detail about each place I was representing into a large mixing bowl of vibrant colors and actions that creates a fun, whimsical and irresistible eye candy that would naturally flow and pull people into the piece. 


     We live in a highly mobile society today, a melting pot of humanity which naturally creates in people a ferocious pride and individuality for their roots and heritage. I find people gravitating toward the pieces I create because it represents who they are and gives them some semblance of home and comfort when they may be far from it. I also made the decision to sign my postcards and prints to give it a personalized human touch in which people would be getting a piece of art and not a mechanical mass reprint of my original artwork with no thought or care that was just packaged and shipped out. Another goal I had was to make the creative process socially interactive and I have utilized social media to accomplish this by pulling people into the creative process, asking for advice and input as to what they would like to see on each piece. This gives people who are from the locales that I am about to represent feel that they have some ownership and creative input when the piece is completed, a sense of accomplishment for all who are involved. I know that I have accomplished what I have set out to do when I see an individual taking a long time to lose themselves in the art work and emerge with a smile and say as I have heard so many times, “That makes me happy!”  I feel that my work to me is more of a ministry than it is a hobby or business.


Route 66 Final Edited.jpg
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