​                                                     The Art Work
My art work brings a blessing of relaxation and a lot of satisfaction.  Each individual piece takes nearly four to six months to complete and is created using Prisma colored pencils and ink on 100# card stock illustration paper.  I have completed twelve pieces in the last five years that I have reproduced into prints and postcards for retail and wholesale distribution.  I  love to travel and it is from my love of seeing different places and the love of geography and history that this series of pieces have come into existence.   Most importantly I want to make sure that I give God the praise for my ability and for the vision that He has given me for this series which is beginning to really grow and branch out into other areas such as commissioned work. I realize that with any talent it is God given and He can choose to bless it or take it away as He pleases and I do feel that God thoroughly enjoys our talents when we use if for good and to bring Him praise from it.
Please enjoy my work and if you have any questions or requests please let me know.  God Bless!

A  Little About Shawn Doughty

Having grown up in the same town as Bob Ross and the creator of ``Garfield, Jim Davis, Shawn developed a love for art at a young age.  He studied biology, chemistry and geology in college and has gone on to have a successful career in the nuclear field with the federal government.  During his science studies and work his love of art never faded.  He became self-taught and created art pieces for family and friends and was encouraged by all to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist because his great talent was obvious.  While maintaining his career in chemistry his art talent flourished and he began selling prints of some of his original art pieces.  As word spread he began receiving commissions from local municipalities and a university to create large, elaborate art pieces.  He was also asked to paint a six foot butterfly for the Huntsville Botanical Garden which was then placed at the entrance of the museum and was very popular.  It was later donated to the Huntsville-Madison County Visitors Center where it is currently on display and has become a favorite among visitors who love to have their picture taken with this beautiful piece of art.  Museums, visitors’ centers, and retail stores began requesting prints and postcards of his artwork to sell in their shops.  Currently his artwork is for sale in over 40 locations throughout the Southeast and Midwest.  Some of his customers include the Southern Living Stores of Huntsville and Destin, FL, Legends Gift Store on Broadway in Nashville, Huntsville Museum of Art,   Alabama Governor’s Mansion, Alabama Music Hall of Fame, Minnetrista Cultural Center in Indiana, and The Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis.  The local media started to notice his talent and unique style and he has been featured in the Nashville Art Magazine as well as on the cover of Athens Life magazine three times in less than one year; he was on the cover of the Valley Planet magazine in Huntsville, and a full page article in the Muncie Star Press.  He has also been a featured several times as a guest on the Cooper & Company LIVE Morning Show.  Prominent owners of Shawn's work includes Alabama Senator, Mo Brooks and Jeff Sessions.  His work has also been given as gifts for NATO representatives and dignitaries.  In 2013 Shawn traveled to Guatemala and shared his love for art with an orphanage and a very poor, remote village.  He was a huge hit with all these children who struggle to have housing, food and clothing; drawing pencils and art supplies are a luxury they’ve never been able to enjoy.  At one stop on the trip there were almost 90 children waiting in line to have Shawn draw them a picture. 

In his spare time Shawn loves to fish, run and read books with his family and is also a rabid University of Kentucky basketball fan.


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